Return search results based on search term and coordinate settings

https://maps.fatos.biz/fatos/api/search/ADDR?(query string)


Required Parameter Description
key Your API Key,See the API Key Issuance page for information on using keys.
kwd search word (string to hex encoding), ex) {Ogeumno182} to {ec98a4eab888eba19c313832}
stype search type (address search:2)
cx user's current location X coordinate (wgs84)
cy user's current location Y coordinate (wgs84)

[ example ]

 "pano":, page number
 "cnt":, the number of searches
 "items": list of POI search results
{"id":, poi id
 "name":"", poi expression name
 "addr1":"", new address
 "addr2":"", old address
 "phone","", phone number : separator (,)
 "cate":"", classification code
 "posx":"", poi x (longitude wgs84)
 "posy":"", poi y (latitude wgs84)
 "entx":"", poi entry point x (longitude wgs84)
 "enty":"", poi entry point y (latitude wgs84)
 "dist": distance(meter)



Return : JSON type