Return search results based on search term and coordinate settings


https://maps.fatos.biz/fatos/api/search/POI?(query string)


Required Parameter Description
key Your API Key, See the API Key Issuance page for information on using keys.
kwd name search : search word / nearby search : category ID (string to hex encoding), ex) {ABC market} to {ec9db4eba788ed8ab8}
stype search type (name search:1, nearby search:3)
cx user's current location X coordinate (wgs84)
cy user's current location Y coordinate (wgs84)
rad Search radius (Possible to omit if name search)

Optional Parameter Description
sort range
pno page number (default : 1)
cpp number of search cases per page (default : 1)
sx location longitude of search criteria (wgs84)
sy location latitude of search criteria (wgs84)
minx Search scope (MBR) left logitude(wgs84)
miny Search scope (MBR) top latitude(wgs84)
maxx Search scope (MBR) right longitude(wgs84)
maxy Search scope (MBR) bottm latitude(wgs84)



https://maps.fatos.biz/onemap/api/search/POI/getcates?key=(Your API Key)

  “strld”: “”,  category ID
  “strName”: “”, category name (Eng)
  “strLocName”: “” category name (local language)



https://maps.fatos.biz/onemap/api/search/POI?key=(Your API Key)&kwd=737461726275636b73&stype=1&cx=103.799620&cy=1.274133&minx=103.813476&miny=1.247697&maxx=103.839973&maxy=1.271490

 “pgno”:,  page number
 “cnt”:, the number of searches
 “items”: lists of POI search results
  {"id":, poi id
   "name""", POI expression name
   "addr1":"", new address
   "addr2":"", old address
   "phone":"", phone number : separator(,)
   "cate":"", classification code
   "posx":, poi x (longitude wgs84)
   "posy":, poi x (latitude wgs84)
   "entx":, poi entry point X (longitude wgs84)
   "enty":, poi entry point Y (latitude wgs84)
   "dist": distance(meter)


Return : JSON type