Tracking Path

Obtained to display data about driving patterns on a map.


https://maps.fatos.biz/mobilizer/drivehistory/pattern?(query string)


Required Parameter Description
key Your API Key,See the API Key Issuance page for information on using keys.
uuid Uuid of search target
gid trip id




    "uuid": "UUID",
    "gid": "1578035717694000",
    "utime": "2020-01-03 06:15:30",
    "over_speed": 0,
    "rapid_acceleration": 0,
    "rapid_deceleration": 0,
    "quick_start": 1,
    "sudden_stop": 0,
    "rescan": 0,
    "sudden_spin": 0,
    "sudden_uturn": 0,
    "lon": 127.07408415111274,
    "lat": 37.50924768719074,
    "os_dist": 0,
    "os_time": "0",
    "os_speed": 0,
    "speed_limit": 30,
    "level": "1"


Return : JSON type
uuid uuid of the user
gid trip id
utime event time (YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS)
over_speed speeding (0:not speeding , 1:over speeding)
rapid_acceleration Sudden acceleration
rapid_deceleration Sudden deceleration
quick_start Sudden departure
sudden_stop Sudden stop
rescan Whether to rescan
sudden_spin Rapid turn
sudden_uturn rapid u-turn
lon X coordinate
lat Y coordinate
os_dist Overspeed mileage
os_time Overspeed time
os_speed overspeed
speed_limit limit speed
level Determine pattern marker display according to map scale
level: 1 > from level 9
level: 2 > from level 13
level 3 > from level 16
level 4 > from level 18