Parameter : Polyline 2

Optional Parameter Description
strokeColor specifies a hexadecimal HTML color of the format "#FFFFFF",Default is '#000000'
strokeOpacity specifies a numerical value between 0.0 and 1.0 to determine the opacity of the line's color. The default is 1.0
strokeWeight specifies the width of the line in pixels.Default is 1
message(popup) Set the message of popup, type is string or html
event *if set the meassge option
popup mouse event click or mouseover
default click
anchor(popup) * if set the message of popup
A string indicating the part of the Marker that should be positioned closest to the coordinate set via Marker#setLngLat . Options are 'center' , 'top' , 'bottom' , 'left' , 'right'.
default bottom
offset(popup) * if set the message of popup
The offset in pixels as a PointLike object to apply relative to the element's center. Negatives indicate left and up.
default 15
closeButton(popup) * if set the message of popup
If true , a close button will appear in the top right corner of the popup.
default false
closeOnClick(popup) * if set the message of popup
If true , the popup will closed when the map is clicked.
default false