Return : JSON type – route planning

rp_order Route order of the trip(1,2,3….) - No.1 initial route search
gid trip id
uuid "uuid of the user
geom Array of start point/destination coordinates
First: start point coordinates
Second: destination coordinates
route routing information - pbf parsing results
copyrights copyright
bounds Up and down diagonal vertex coordinates for gripping map mbr.
maneuver direction
travel_mode drive state
overview_polyline unused
summary Summary information
legs route summary
distance Total distance traveled in current path
duration Total time of the current route
start address unused
start location The beginning of the current path
end address unused
end location End point of current path
steps Repeat section information of current route
attr unused
distance Movement distance of each section
duration Required time for each section
start_location Starting coordinates of each section
end_location Destination coordinates of each leg
maneuver Progress direction of each section
html_instructions road name
laneguide unused
points Display lines using draw PolylineEncoder.decode() Function
mbr The center point of the path
travel_mode driving mode