Return : JSON type – Mobilizing

uuid uuid of the user
over_speed speeding
rapid_acceleration Sudden acceleration
rapid_acc_point Rapid acceleration rating (0.0 ~ 5.0, 0.5unit)
rapid_deceleration Rapid deceleration
rapid_dec_point Rapid deceleration rating (0.0 ~ 5.0, 0.5unit)
quick_start quick start
quick_start_point quick start rating (0.0 ~ 5.0, 0.5unit)
sudden_stop Sudden stop
sudden_stop_point Sudden stop rating (0.0 ~ 5.0, 0.5unit)
rescan rescan
rescan_point rescan rating (0.0 ~ 5.0, 0.5unit)
sudden_spin doubling
sudden_spin_point doubling rating (0.0 ~ 5.0, 0.5unit)
sudden_uturn Rapid U-turn
sudden_uturn_point Rapid U-turn ratinig (0.0 ~ 5.0, 0.5unit)
echo_time echo driving time
idle_time idle time
(days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)
sum_score Driving score
sum_dist total distance (Meter)
sum_time total driving time (Seconds)
os_dist Speeding distance (Meter)
os_time Speeding time (Seconds)
os_speed Speed average (km/h)
lon unused
lat unused