Return : JSON type

uuid uuid of the user
device_type device type ( mobile, tracker )
license_plate license plate
vehicle_model_id vehicle type (truck : 10000, car : 10004, motorcycle : 10005, kickboard : 10006)
user_name user name
model model name
imei IMEI
phone_num phone number
create_date registration date
update_date last update date
lon user's last position X coordinate (WGS84)
lat user's last position Y coordinate (WGS84)
addr unused
total_dist total distance (Meter)
total_time total driving time (Sec)
today_dist the day’s driving distance (Meter)
today_time driving time on the same day (Sec)
drive_state driving condition (0: all, 1: live, 2: stop, 3:problem)
latest_time final access idle time based on current time
(days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)